Location - The Purist Villas


The Purist Villas, Café Balisimo, and the Purist Spa are all located just behind the rustic Balinese village of Kutuh Kaje, where you can still experience all aspects of traditional rural life, including daily offerings, local dance performances and music.

Situated along the verdant-green, gently sloping bank of the Tawar river, the boutique resort is just 1.5 kilometers walk from Ubud center, the spiritual and artistic heart of Bali. The city was founded by a Hindu priest from Java in the 8th century, and its name derives from the ancient Balinese word for medicine, Ubad. These days, Ubud has something for everyone, including museums, art galleries, a traditional market and white-water rafting.


Ricefield View in Ubud


This picturesque ridge between two rivers is just west of Ubud’s shopping area. Access is immediately behind the impressive “Gunung Lebah” temple. Cross an ancient bridge as seen in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” to 3km of established trail. Best done early in the morning before the day becomes too hot.

You will conquer amazing panoramic views of the Ubud hinterland, home to native plants and lizards. There are a few small galleries and warungs along the route. Take 2-3 hours to enjoy this beautiful place, an excellent walk and close drop-off from home-base at the Purist villas. For the more energetic and adventurers, there’s an extended trek of 8.5km, ending where you started.


The Ayung is the longest river in Bali, running 68.5km from the northern ranges. There are 10km of Class II and III rapids beginning just north of the Ubud village of Sangingan, widely considered the best section for rafting.

Discover naturally formed freshwater swimming pools and towering waterfalls, ancient Balinese-Hindu wall carvings and jungled habitats abundant with exotic plant-life.

Organized excursions with trained guides, professional equipment and lunch afterward are the best way to optimize your group or individual river-rafting experience. Tours last around two and a half hours. This includes some river-bank climbing at the beginning and end of most tours.


17km north-west of Ubud, on the rise to Mt. Kintamani, there is a beautiful and hilly landscape of lush countryside, rice terraces, rivers & valleys, temples, villages and traditional compounds.

Be guided by a local who knows the district communities and the best places to enjoy local coffee and refreshments. Find yourself immersed in Balinese culture and experience genuine village hospitality.

Alternatively, discover the area on quad bikes for a more motorized, adrenaline-fueled adventure.


Mount Batur, elevation 1,717 meters, is an active volcano in the center of two calderas, one containing a lake. Situated North-West of the great Mount Agung, the Mount Batur climbing adventure is considered a “medium challenge”.

On an early morning journey, trek, and climb to the summit, adventurers can witness sunrise from a breathtaking and beautiful viewpoint. At the caldera, considered one of the most scenic in the world, see macaques monkeys living in the volcano caverns and learn about steam spouting from smaller craters.

As the sun illuminates the landscape, see green coffee and clove plantations and the soaring, smoldering cone of the volcano.

Located about 35 km from The Purist Villas, a 40-50 minute drive. Bring shoes suitable for trekking, and a jumper.


Find it on the western edge of Mount Batur’s crater, offering panoramic views of the volcano, lake, and surrounding traditional farming villages. Kintamani village’s elevation is 1000 meters.

The predominant lake Batur is the biggest in Bali and water catchment for their world heritage “subak” irrigation system – a shared distribution source of water, that flows by gravity to the farmland communities downwards on the island.


Tegallalang is a district located about 30-minutes drive north of Ubud. Perched atop the western ravine, the village overlooks a beautiful valley of rice terraces irrigated by Bali’s world-famous “subak” irrigation system.

Verdant-green as the rice plants mature, time spent gazing on the natural beauty of this area and enjoying a refreshment in one of the many warungs is a true Bali experience not to be missed.

At 600 meters above sea level, the Tegallalang area is also a popular stop for souvenir shopping, from one of the many small shops along the roadside.

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