Save the Coral Triangle 3-nights | HOTEL PACKAGES

Reserve this 3-night package and the value of 1-night’s stay will be donated to the Coral Triangle Center

Photography by Marthen Welly, Muhammad Korebima, Robert Delfs and Toar Pantouw.

Save the Coral Triangle PACKAGE | From $279 night

3-nights luxury accommodation. Choose from a residence, villa or suite
Airport transfer to The Purist Villas with Chauffeur greeting as you exit the terminal.
Your choice of half-day tour from a selection of house specialties
(night market, or herb-walk, or visit a Balinese home and family, or trekking Petulu).
A three-course, a la carte dinner for two at Balisimo restaurant*.
Daily afternoon tea for two served at various locations within the resort.
WiFi internet access throughout the resort. Multiple devices ok.
Shuttle service to Ubud center. Use of the resort’s mountain bikes.
Welcome drinks, cool towels, daily fruit selection.

The value of 1-night’s stay will be charged separately and directly to the Coral Triangle Center | Inclusions based on 2-persons | Prices quoted in US dollars | Prices quoted exclude 10% service charge and 11% government tax | *not including alcoholic beverages

Coral Triangle Center (CTC)

CTC is a local non-profit organization based in Bali with a regional scope and global impact.
CTC provides education and training to make sure that marine parks within the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity are managed effectively. We support on-the- ground conservation programs through our learning sites in Nusa Penida in Bali and the Banda Islands in Maluku.

CTC leads regional networks of women leaders, local government executives and marine protected area practitioners. We work with communities, businesses, governments, and partners to shape lasting solutions to protect coral reef ecosystems and ensure sustainable livelihoods and food security.
Please visit:

The Coral Triangle

The Coral Triangle, considered the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity, is home to 76% of all known coral species, 37% of all known coral reef fish species. It is an important spawning area for economically important marine species such as tuna, charismatic and endangered animals such as whales, sea turtles, manta rays, sunfish, and many others.

The Coral Triangle stretches across six countries – the Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. Its unparalleled marine and coastal resources provide profound benefits to more than 363 million people who reside within these countries, along with benefits to many millions more outside the region. Yet, these marine and coastal resources are under significant and increasing threat from  destructive fishing practices, unplanned coastal development, pollution, marine debris and climate change. Without immediate action, all of the reefs in the Coral Triangle will be in peril by 2050.

Partnership with The Purist

Your stay in The Purist Villas will enable CTC to:

• expand our training programs so we can teach more people how to take care of their coral reefs and marine resources

• reach and inspire more school children to care for the oceans through our marine education activities

• support our conservation work in the Banda Islands and Nusa Penida Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia

• Develop a one-of- a-kind center for marine conservation in Bali

Through your support, together we can protect the most diverse reefs on earth and take care of the ocean that connects us all.