The Purist VIllas & Spa is built 15 years ago, on a piece of land of over one hectare. We, Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes, were instantly in love, as we could live there already in an old wooden house from Timor, with an outside toilet and and a cold shower. When we seriously started the project we were therefor focused to combine modern and luxury hospitality in an ethnic chic environment, Our wish was to group together the modern Asian architecture with some old wooden houses, which we started to source in Java and Timor island. Together with the fantastic help of the Dutch architect Joost van Grieken, The Purist is since all these years our dream place.

The latest addition in Bali is The Purist Beach, as we are not only in love with what’s left of the traditional village life with all its ceremonies in Bali/ Ubud, Living at the coast of Ibiza, we simply also cannot resist the sound and view of the sea with its fabulous sunsets of Nusa Ceningan.

Going to that tiny island, 30 minutes fast boat from Sanur, is as going from the green into the blue. And we thought our guests would love that experience too?

20 Years ago, we felt that same tension of love for different cultures in Marrakech. This ancient architecture of the Mendina, a hundreds of years old centre with small alleys and with its local craftsmen, was such an adventure, that we immediately went on a mission. We found 3 old Ryads with the possibility to connect, and after 3 years of restoration we opened boutique hotel Ryad Dyor.

Our family owned collective has gone from strength to strength as last year we have added: Gare du Nord, a small 9 suites hotel in the Nord of Ibiza. Together with the 10 years old, The Giri Residence also in the Nord, and the growing collection of pool villas under the name of Esvedrabayvillas at the South West coast of Ibiza, and with Ksar Living as shop and office, we have formed in Ibiza, THE GIRI VILLAS AND HOTELS.


A warm welcome is part of The Purist Villas and Spa philosophy. When you arrive in the Ubud luxury retreat of Bali, you will be ushered into our lovely reception area

Our English-speaking staff are local people, each carefully chosen to deliver faultless service, with attention to detail and genuine warmth. The Balinese are renowned for their generous spirit and kind-hearted nature.

Whether you’re planning a romantic holiday or a gathering of friends, the private villas in Ubud at The Purist Villas and Spa will make you feel instantly at home in our Bali boutique resort.

The Purist Villas - Reception
The Purist Villas - The Experiences


The Purist Villas and Spa luxury resort in Ubud embodies the ancient Hindu beliefs of balance, harmony, and purity of spirit; to this, we add a deep respect for the natural environment.

Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes have worked closely with architect Joost van Grieken to create a truly spectacular experience; a tasteful, beautiful Bali retreat, designed in harmony with its landscape.

Our wish is to connect our guests with Bali’s many spiritual and artistic traditions. That’s why we’ve furnished the Purist Villas with only the most beautiful and authentic artifacts that we’ve slowly accumulated on our travels among the Indonesian islands.


Our high-end interior and design studio near St. Juan in Ibiza has been an thriving hub of creativity, with the most beautiful customers entrusting us with their visions for their homes and design projects. In our showroom you’ll discover evocative, eclectic and timeless pieces – including high end design from our brands, such as Cassina, Gervasoni, Tacchini and more. Our new Ksar living collection with outdoor furniture hand-made from reclaimed wood and developed by the owner Alberto Cortes sets the tone along with hand-picked antiques from Spain and far away countries and combined with rare vintage originals. And every summer, we are excited about hosting -since 2021 – the Ksar Living with Art, than the 1500 sq.m of Ksar space is transformed into a world-class gallery during several weeks.

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Beautiful Bali is going from strength to strength and there’s no finer part of the Indonesian island to tap into the best of authentic Balinese culture than Ubud. It’s here that our contemporary boutique resort – The Purist Villas sits nestled in nature, just minutes away from the iconic rice paddies, lush forests and Hindu shrines. The healthy food movement in Bali is attracting the world’s most creative chefs, and the wellness community attracts yogis and practitioner’s to the many studios and spas in Ubud. And of course there’s truly nothing better than the genuine warmth of the Balinese people Let our dedicated staff, of whom most of them are with us since the opening of the Purist, show you exactly what we mean.

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THE PURIST BEACH – Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan, the location of our beautiful villa The Purist Beach, will get from June 2024 an extension as a small resort comprising 3 pool villas, varrieng in different sizes. This thanks to the new harbour in Sanur creating an easy connection for nomadic travellers. Now its easy to island-hop by boat in 30 minutes from Bali to Nusa Ceningan, where you can balance the buzz of Bali with some total chill time in our stunning private villa. The toughest decision you’ll need to make every day is wether to swim in your pool or take the stairs that give you direct access to your very own private beach. Swim with the manta rays, snorkel in incredible conditions, or paddle out to catch the big waves if you’re a surfer.

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