Bali’s Purist Villas, Café Balisimo, and Purist Spa is the latest Bali boutique resort incarnation of luxury hospitality, conceived by Villas and Resorts designers Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes. The design duo has a growing portfolio of successful elegant boutique hotel businesses spanning three continents, each characterized by an ethnic-chic eclectic aesthetic, using natural and high-end materials to create a concept attuned to the local environment.

Other projects from Yvonne and Alberto include Harissa Villas Ibiza, which is a collection of artfully restored private villas with stunning sea views; Ryad Dyor, which is a fabulous boutique hotel in Marrakech, featuring ten unique suites, private hammam, a roof terrace and a Moroccan style in-house dinning service;

and The Giri Residence in Ibiza, in partnership with Lars and Rosa Hansen, which is a boutique hotel built in the traditional finca style restored with five fabulous suites, outdoor pool and a spa.


A warm welcome is part of The Purist Villas and Spa philosophy. When you arrive in the Ubud luxury retreat of Bali, you will be ushered into our lovely reception area

Our English-speaking staff are local people, each carefully chosen to deliver faultless service, with attention to detail and genuine warmth. The Balinese are renowned for their generous spirit and kind-hearted nature.

Whether you’re planning a romantic holiday or a gathering of friends, the private villas in Ubud at The Purist Villas and Spa will make you feel instantly at home in our Bali boutique resort.

The Purist Villas - Reception
The Purist Villas - The Experiences


The Purist Villas and Spa luxury resort in Ubud embodies the ancient Hindu beliefs of balance, harmony, and purity of spirit; to this, we add a deep respect for the natural environment.

Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortes have worked closely with architect Joost van Grieken to create a truly spectacular experience; a tasteful, beautiful Bali retreat, designed in harmony with its landscape.

Our wish is to connect our guests with Bali’s many spiritual and artistic traditions. That’s why we’ve furnished the Purist Villas with only the most beautiful and authentic artifacts that we’ve slowly accumulated on our travels among the Indonesian islands.

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